Members of the Boston Art Dealers Association distinguish themselves by presenting public exhibition, protecting the interests of their clients, providing support services beyond the sale of art, as well as standing behind artist representations.

Membership in the Boston Art Dealers Association is open to any gallery which is a legal business entity and meets the following criteria:

* The gallery's primary activity is the exhibition and sale of contemporary art, either exclusively or in addition to art from other periods;

* The gallery operates a public exhibition space and stages changing public exhibitions;

* The gallery has been in business in the Boston area for a minimum of three calendar years.


A gallery applying for membership must have the written recommendation of at least three current members. Recommendations should be sent to the membership secretary. A candidate's qualifications will be examined by the Association's executive committee, with proper consideration of responses received from the entire membership in reply to a request for pertinent information on the candidate. The executive committee will then make its recommendation for a vote by the membership.

Furthermore, any gallery considered for membership must maintain the highest moral and ethical standards of business conduct and demonstrate the qualitative and aesthetic merits determined by the existing membership.

The Boston Art Dealers Association reserves the right to annually review its membership and to reconsider the membership of any gallery that has undergone a substantial change of ownership, personnel or direction.